Music Space

Creative Sessions

Delivered in partnership between Sound Lab and Counterflows, Music Space sessions are for young people who are based in Glasgow, and who are interested in exploring sound, music and creativity.

Please note there is a limited capacity, and places will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

Applicants should be aged 16–30 and face barriers to creative opportunities.

16 Feb 2023, 18.00–20.00
CCA Clubroom

VJ-ing and sound visualisation with JNK

JNK will be leading a 2 hour workshop, where participants are invited to think about a translation of music into a visual representation. We will create some live video input to synergise with a workshop-specific electronic soundscape (composed by Eloise Kretschmer) around us. In the workshop participants will be introduced to visualisation software such as […]

4 Feb 2023, 14.00–15.30
Grovepark Hall, Community Central Hall

Vocals and Performance with Cass Ezeji

This workshop is for aspiring or beginner vocalists and requires no formal training. Cass Ezeji will lead the group in elements of voice and performance, from warming up the vocal cords, breathing exercises, to thinking about what performance means to each individual. Together, we will work with different interpretations of a song. You will also […]

26 Jan 2023, 17.30–19.00
The Events Space (main hall), Glasgow Women’s Library

Voice and Movement Scores with Mele Broomes

In this workshop we will be exploring ways of manipulating your own voice. You will be working with text, your own voice, and movement to create a melody or sound score using a TC Helicon. This is an electronic voice processor which augments the voice. It is a great tool to support those who are […]

16 Jan 2023, 18.30–19.30
Workshop Space - Upstairs Hall (Gym Hall), Kinning Park Complex
18 Jan 2023, 18.30–20.00
Workshop Space - Upstairs Hall (Gym Hall), Kinning Park Complex

Found Sounds with Sonia Killmann and Sam Welch

In this practical 2-part workshop, use recorded sounds taken on your phone or other devices, to play around and make expressive creations. Once sounds have been gathered, there will be a hands-on session where you’ll make these recordings your own, exploring different techniques through a sampling app and hardware. No prior knowledge required, and all […]

14 Dec 2022, 18.00–20.00
CCA Theatre

Graphic Score Making with Laurie Pitt

Devise and play graphic scores using a range of instruments and sound-making devices. Participants are welcome to bring their own instruments to this dynamic 2hr session, but no musical knowledge or experience is necessary. This session will be held at CCA in the Theatre space on the first floor. Please follow this link to view details […]

6 Dec 2022, 18.00–20.00
Cafe Buena Vida

Break on to the Airwaves with Radio Buena Vida

Get to grips with broadcasting and curating shows as the team behind Radio Buena Vida invite you to their home on Victoria Road, feel free to bring along a USB or records, and plenty of questions! You’ll gain insight into how this community station reaches listeners worldwide, learn technical processes, what makes a good show, […]