Music Space

Music Space is a new year-long bursary programme produced by Counterflows which launched in March 2022. It has been set up for young people (18–24) who are based in Glasgow, and who are interested in exploring sound and music.

Eyve and Mawaddah are the recipients for 2022–23. The programme will be shaped by Eyve and Mawaddah and will focus on developing creative and professional practice. The programme will also include a series of mentoring sessions with Mele Broomes, Nakul Krishnamurthy and Ju Scott, a two-week residency at the CCA Glasgow, and the opportunity to present at Counterflows 2023.

Creative Sessions launch

To coincide with the new Music Space website we have collaborated with Sound Lab to produce Music Space Creative Sessions, a series of upcoming workshops for young people to explore and experiment with sound, music, movement, voice, how to make a radio show and more. Visit here to read about the sessions including how to sign up. Please […]

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Music Space Artist

Mawaddah is an Afro-Arab singer-songwriter based in Glasgow. Her practice explores ways to merge Eastern and Western music to create a familiar new sound that connects with people from different cultures around the world. During the bursary Mawaddah is keen to learn more about music arrangement and develop her skills in recording music with an […]


Music Space Artist

Eyve is a singer, rapper and a songwriter. She understands music to be a universal language and loves to mix different genres together to come up with unique sounds. Eyve has mostly created music by herself but has also been involved in bands and choirs and finds the feeling of coming together to make music and […]

Upcoming Creative Sessions
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16 Feb 2023, 18.00–20.00
CCA Clubroom

VJ-ing and sound visualisation with JNK

JNK will be leading a 2 hour workshop, where participants are invited to think about a translation of music into a visual representation. We will create some live video input to synergise with a workshop-specific electronic soundscape (composed by Eloise Kretschmer) around us. In the workshop participants will be introduced to visualisation software such as […]

4 Feb 2023, 14.00–15.30
Grovepark Hall, Community Central Hall

Vocals and Performance with Cass Ezeji

This workshop is for aspiring or beginner vocalists and requires no formal training. Cass Ezeji will lead the group in elements of voice and performance, from warming up the vocal cords, breathing exercises, to thinking about what performance means to each individual. Together, we will work with different interpretations of a song. You will also […]